“Growing in an international organisation. WORK THAT DREAM.”

Getting and taking opportunities to grow. Collaborating internationally. And discovering more of the world. I have plenty of dreams for the future – and Natec’s the place for me to make them come true.

At Natec, you can create opportunities for yourself … I know because I did. When colleagues told me team Belgium was looking for an operational account manager, I could see the role suited me perfectly. My manager saw that too, so the ball started rolling really quickly. A new position always requires some adjustment, but I get all the space and freedom I need for this. I really appreciate the way Natec puts my development first.

Yes, I get to work again!
‘Yes, I get to work again!’ That’s what I think when I wake up every morning. And I’m not the only one. My colleagues look forward to coming into the office too. Most days at least. I’m always trying to learn more about our products. To help our customers. And to make sure they get their products on time.

I want to keep getting better at my job and Natec is the right place for me to do this. We all have the freedom to work how we want to – within certain frameworks, of course. And making mistakes is allowed … That’s the strength of the company. As long as we learn from our mistakes and are honest about them, we know we’ll be supported.

Closer to my dream
Making a difference at an international level, that’s my ultimate goal. I already work with loads of people from other countries and I learn a lot from them. Our diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures help us all to grow in different ways. Getting to know them has inspired me to see even more of the world. My move to team Belgium brings me one step closer to my dream of being an international changemaker.


Operational Accountmanager Belgium