About Natec's dream

Our dream is to have a solar module on every roof in Europe by 2030. What’s your big, crazy dream?

Our enormous dream sustains us every day. It ensures that we are never static. Always developing, growing and having fun – as a company and as individuals. Our insanely ambitious dream brings us together. It enriches us. It helps us to progress beyond our wildest dreams…

Natec is an ambitious company, and the people who work here are ambitious too. But they’re also friendly, open, fun-loving… Your future colleagues are driven to achieve great things for themselves, the company and the planet. But they’ve still got time to share a laugh over a (good) cup of coffee or during an in-house gym session.

Working at Natec comes with a lot of responsibilities. But it also brings great freedom. While helping the company to achieve its dream, you’ll be given the space to make your own dreams come true. In small, competent teams of likeminded individuals.

Natec is working hard to build a brighter and greener future for our planet. But we’re equally passionate about developing our people. At Natec you’ll find almost endless opportunities for growth, across Europe and beyond. Which one is right for you? Well, that’s up to you. We trust our people to know what is best for themselves, the company and the planet.

If your dreams are as big as ours, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever you want to achieve, whatever direction you want to grow in, you can do it at Natec.

Let’s WORK THAT DREAM together.



Applying for a new position is always daunting. The job sounds great on paper, but what’s it like to actually work there? Hear the stories (and dreams) of a few of our amazing Natec people!

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