“Doing whatever makes me happy. WORK THAT DREAM.”

I’d never done it before. But I knew I could. That confidence helped me to get an important position at Natec. Then I moved to a role that was new to the company and to me. There’s something about Natec that makes everyone on the team feel confident.

I applied for a position that was new to me and Natec: office manager. I’ve always loved organising things and Natec backed me to do well. Now I’m a process optimiser, another new role for the company. That’s typical of Natec. If you come up with a good idea, everyone is really open to it.

New challenges demand new responses
Our process optimisation department is brand new. Setting it up has been our biggest challenge. How are we going to do it? How can we support colleagues? How do we deal with constant change? We’re always dealing with new situations while also paying attention to the long term and the future.

Humour is essential
I get energy from working in a team and so do my colleagues. We work together to find creative solutions to problems. Sometimes we need a sense of humour to get through the day! Luckily, I find many of my character traits in my colleagues. Energetic, solution-oriented and up for some fun.

Take time to discover what your dream is
Our new slogan, ‘Work that dream’, sums up Natec really well. Just look at what happened to me. I didn’t even have a dream at first; it only became clear along the way. That’s why I advise others to take the time to discover how the company, your department and the market fit together. Then think about where you want to go and what your dream is. And don’t be afraid to change direction as you go along.


Process Optimisation