“Building a brighter future every day. WORK THAT DREAM.”

Working to improve myself, the company, and society. That’s what I do every day at Natec. As a sales manager, I’m one part of a well-oiled machine that dreams of a brighter future for our planet.

Together with Natec, I fulfil an important role in the energy transition. I don’t think I fully understood this when I joined the team, but now it’s become one of my main motivations. Since becoming a dad, I think much more about my contribution to the climate. Working in the energy sector since 2014 has given me an opportunity to make a real difference.

Raising the bar ever higher
My colleagues at Natec share my passion for cleaner energy. And we work hard to transform the sector every day. We set targets and we often exceed them. Take 2022. It was a really tough year for the energy market, with the war in Ukraine and the extremely volatile energy prices. But we still managed to surpass our targets.

The Natec DNA
I think we achieve our goals because of what I call the Natec DNA. We’re all dynamic, hard workers who have fun and want to score. With passion and drive for our work. That fits in really well with who I am: driven, flexible and open to work as part of a team. It may sound cheesy, but it gives me a real kick when others perform well.

Dream culture
Realising dreams and having fun go hand in hand. If you achieve your goals and are successful, you enjoy your work. And because you enjoy working, you end up getting closer to your dreams. My team and I have a good time together, but we’re always thinking about how we can move the company – and the planet – forward.

The same goes for my personal dreams. I love doing sports and Natec makes it easier for me to get my fix by providing a vitality coach and gym. We can exercise during working hours, and we’ve got a full-time coach who helps us out with training programs and advice.


Sales Manager NL