“Creating beautiful things. WORK THAT DREAM.”

Making beautiful things together. That’s what excites me. Together with colleagues and the talented professionals in our network, we invent and design great marketing campaigns. Every campaign is different, that’s what makes it so much fun. Whenever a campaign goes live, I’m very proud. Of myself and the team.

During my first campaign, I noticed that I did a lot myself. Now I feel like the coordinating factor at the heart of the team. That suits my qualities well. The team always says that if I get the planning right, everything will be fine. At Natec you get the freedom and confidence to manage your own projects. Even when you’re just starting out.

Making big ideas tangible
I think the best part of a new campaign is brainstorming. One colleague throws an idea in the ring. This gives someone else a new idea. And when one person thinks very big, another asks questions to get to the heart of the matter. This cooperation between different people with different qualities makes it fun. Of course there are disagreements and obstacles. But we always get over them. Together, we make big ideas tangible.

Making dreams come true
Everyone on the team is driven and committed to achieving the best results. We help each other to think ahead and beyond. And even when something is missing, we pull together to make things work. It’s not always easy, but that only makes us prouder of the end result.

Combining creativity and strategy
Improving campaigns, measuring them better and working more efficiently. That’s where my focus is at the moment. I’m striving to find a balance between creativity and strategy and I know there are loads of opportunities to grow at Natec. Marketing here is very different from other companies. We work much more on the relationship with our customers and suppliers; making dreams come true together.


Operational Marketeer