“Continuing to grow. WORK THAT DREAM.”

By taking responsibilities yourself, you can make great strides. That’s what I did. I started as an operational account manager at Natec and made the jump to international team lead in just two years. Even I was surprised by how quickly it all happened.

At Natec, I’ve had the chance to discover exactly what I have to offer. In my first role, I combined organising things with a bit of sales. Sales was completely new to me and there were some challenging days. But I gave it a chance, and it worked out well. Very well, in fact. Organising is still my biggest strength, but working at Natec has helped me to discover qualities I didn’t even know I had.

Freedom and responsibility
I get the freedom to take on my own projects and organise my work how I want to. The trust everyone at Natec has shown makes me feel at home. Do I want to go to Germany to attend an event? I can make that decision myself. I’m still quite young, but I get a lot of responsibilities and opportunities. I really like that about working at Natec.

Colleagues make my day
The best thing about my job? That’s definitely my colleagues. I love their open mentality, and sociable, down-to-earth vibe. The company also keeps an eye on how we are all doing. Not only physically, by facilitating sports activities, but also mentally.

Going the extra mile
I’m still amazed that I thought this role didn’t suit me … Nothing could suit me better! At Natec your talents are seen, even the talents you didn’t know you had. I want to keep developing – both myself and my team – and I know there are plenty of challenges ahead. What’s next in my career? I don’t know for sure. But I do know things can move fast here. And I’m confident I’ll take many great steps here.


International team lead