“Vitality for everyone. WORK THAT DREAM.”

An active life for every colleague. How to make that happen? That’s my challenge at Natec Fit, our in-house vitality programme. And I’m already well on the way to achieving my dream.

In busy times, you sometimes forget to take care of yourself. We’ve all been there. It’s great that Natec pays so much attention to its employees. I’ve been given full freedom to make our workplace active. So far, the answer to all my ideas is: ‘Let’s go!’ As a result, I feel trusted and appreciated. And it’s really nice that my colleagues see the value I bring.

A vital workplace
My job is still in the starting blocks: just like Natec Fit. I started off by giving sports lessons because it was the best way to get my colleagues excited. Now we’re all able to exercise before, during and after work in our own gym. We also do monthly activities, such as the Strong Viking Run. In that kind of challenge cooperation is key. Some are much faster than others, but we all had to help each other.

And I see many more opportunities! I’d also like to help my colleagues with nutrition, coaching and relaxation. I don’t want to focus only on the physical stuff; the mental side is just as important. So, yes, there’ll be plenty to keep me busy!

Always growing
Working at Natec is helping me to get to know myself better and better. I never expected to end up in an office, but I really fit in here. Whether I’m giving a workshop in the gym or working out a training schedule, I always feel appreciated. Now I’m focused on taking Natec Fit to the next level. And at the same time, developing myself. As long as I can keep doing that, I’ll be happy.


Vitality coach